Lourdesmac Parent Support Group

Sharing ideas and support for parents of children suffering with anxiety, depression, and other mental health  problems

Lourdesmac Parent Support Group

Run by Parents for Parents

Open to all parents/carers and schools Pastoral Teams


Welcome to Our lady of Lourdes MAC Parent Support Group

Informal meetings of parents with talks and advice by Child Mental Health Professionals


Parent Comments:

‘The meeting has been good and I’ve felt really relaxed’,  ‘After attending this evening I do not feel so alone’,   ‘Lots of great ideas that can be taken forward’,   ‘Great potential’

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Lourdesmac Parent Support Group

Minutes from Inaugural meeting




Parents and visitors who come to the support group will listen openly, respond honestly and always act with kindness and consideration to others. All information shared within the group is confidential and out of respect to members sharing should not be discussed away from the group setting.



Parents and visitors are to provide non-judgmental support to one another. Together, parents learn from one another about ways to strengthen support for their children.



The support group belongs to the parents who attend. Parents will determine the content of meetings and agenda. Parents will outline their aims and objectives as a group and ensure that meetings are held consistently.



Members of the group are to respect the thoughts and feelings of others, with all members respecting each other when they are talking. All members are to respect cultural traditions, boundaries and the needs of other group members.



Members of the group and the schools to work collaboratively to ensure consistency is being met with regards to the support being provided to children.



Members of the group are accountable for the above values and will ask for clarification if there is something they do not understand. Reaching out and supporting each other is a whole group responsibility.


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